Swim Spa Covers
South East Spas offers various covers for your Master Spas swim spa. We’re serious about swim spa safety and we only sell the best covers available. All of our swim spa covers meet or exceed all of the safety requirements established by ASTM International, an independent group responsible for approximately 12,000 standards that improve product quality and enhance safety internationally. When you search for a cover, make sure it’s ASTM-certified.

Swim Spa Cover Lifters
You want to slip into your swim spa for a refreshing workout, but first you have to remove that massive spa cover. It’s a pain, unless you have a swim spa cover lifter. We have a great selection of swim spa cover lifts to give you the helping hand that you need.

Spa Steps
The Spa Side Step collection has taken durability, style, form, and function to a whole new level. Only the Spa Side Step has the ability to satisfy the look while making safety the priority. Offered in a range of colors sure to complement any spa.

Cushion & Booster Seat
The Water Brick Water Seat doubles as a more comfortable spa seating alternative while increasing the seated height for shorter spa users. The spa experience is meant to be relaxing, let the Water Brick complete the experience.

Spa Side Umbrella
The Spa Side Umbrella is the leading alternative to traditional gazebos. Its versatility allows for 360 degrees of travel as well as a crank and tilt mechanism that affords trouble free operation.

Spa Side Handrails
The Spa Side Handrail is the most user friendly spa side assist product on the market. This device provides 360° of movement to allow for easy spa entry and exit.