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Managing Your Hot Tub

Quick Startup Guide

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Step 1: Fill up the Hot tub through the filter well area to the Minimum Safe Water Line and turn on the breaker. Make sure Spa is properly connected by a certified electrician prior to operation. REMINDER: Before filling your hot tub, remove the filters in the filter well and make sure to put the garden hose where the filters are located and let the water flow in that area to fill the spa, this will prevent airlocks from occurring

Step 2: Quickly dip the Test strip two to three inches in the water and wait 15 seconds. Check the Alkalinity, if it is low add Alkalinity Up depending on how low it is and check in 15 minutes. Repeat as necessary to get Alkalinity into OK range on the test. Note: Use pH Decreaser if Alkalinity is too high. REMINDER: Only adjust pH AFTER Alkalinity has been set. Alkalinity needs to be 80-120 and pH needs to be 7.2-7.8

Step 3: Then add Metal Magic. Wait 5 hours then clean your filters thorough

Step 4: Add Multi Shock, wait 30 minutes and check with the test strip again. Check your test strip for Free Chlorine (also short for FCL). Strip will be white if zero chlorine is present. Strip will turn purple as more chlorine is added. REMINDER: FCL color purple=GOOD. Always maintain a purple reading for FCL at all times. 

Multi Shock: Add 1.5 ounces (3 tbsp) per 500 gallons of water.

Routine Maintenance:

Use Multi Shock after each use one cap per person for hot tubs and 2-3 caps for Swim Spas, and as needed to maintain your FCL in the purple color.

Weekly Maintenance: Please follow weekly.

Once a week Check Alkalinity (80-120), pH (7.2-7.8), and FCL (1-3ppm) which is your chlorine. Adjust as needed. Be sure to clean filters every two weeks.

Every 6 months: 

Drain your spa and replace the ECOPUR Charge Cartridge. Replace your filters yearly.

Welcome to the South East Spas Team! 

South East Spas is a family owned business with a team that boasts 40+ years in the industry. We’re here seven days a week to make sure you – our customer – is taken care of. We dedicate ourselves to personalized service for each and every customer, and we guarantee a shopping experience you won’t get anywhere else. We are so glad that you have decided to purchase a hot tub from our company.

For your convenience, we have included in this thermal bag: 

ProTeam Multi-Shock

ProTeam Spa Alkalinity Up

ProTeam Spa Metal Magic

ProTeam pH Increaser & pH Decreaser

ProTeam Insta-Test Strips

Welcome to the Team!

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at the information provided below, our Service Department will gladly walk through the Start-up on the Spa.

Visit us in person at: 2838 Okeechobee Blvd. West Palm Beach, FL 33409 Visit us online at: Please contact us with any more questions at: Sales: 561-328-3379 Press 1 /// Service: 561-328-3379 Press 2 

Safety Tips

  • Never heat your spa above 104˚F.
  • Do not drink alcohol while using your spa.
  • Always shower before entering the spa.
  • Limit your time in the spa to 15 minutes.
  • Maintain a proper sanitizing level.
  • Do not mix chemicals before adding to the water. Add each chemical separately.
  • Always add chemicals to water, not water to chemicals.
  • Always store chemicals according to the manufacturer’s instructions and keep them out of the reach of children.