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Healthy Living 7

Healthy Living 7

Hey guys and gals, so you’ve decided to check out our HL 7 hot tub. This is in our top 5 best selling spas, and for good reason. Owning an HL 7 ensures that you are on the cutting edge of hot tub technology. This spa features a unique modern design that promises outstanding comfort. When we get feedback from our customers who own this spa, it consistently ranks a 5 star rating for comfort. The ergonomics on the seats make you feel as if  you are in a lounge chair. If you want to feel like you’re in your own seat and no one is bothering you, this spa has the right seating just for that. Overall we love the HL 7, it pleases so many customers, you have to consider this as your future spa. Check out the pictures above, which still don’t do this spa justice, absolutely gorgeous!!!
Lose yourself in relaxation as 45 targeted jets deliver powerful hydrotherapy. You’ll love all the features of this Healthy Living hot tub, including the lounge seat, cascading waterfalls and beautiful lighting.


Dimensions 84" x 84" x 36"
Weight (Dry/Full) 900 lbs / 4,370 lbs
Gallons 306
Pumps 2
Number of Jets 45
Seating Capacity 5
Water Features 3
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*Optional Features

    Shell Options

  • Sterling Silver
    Tuscan Sun
    Midnight Canyon
    Storm Clouds
    Smoky Mountain

    Skirt Options

  • Espresso (DuraMaster)
    Graphite Grey (DuraMaster)
    Midnight (DuraMaster)