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Fort Myers “The City Of Palms”

An Introduction To Fort Myers, FL You can find Ft. Myers on the East Coast of the United States in the state of Florida. Flocked by two bodies of water, it faces the Gulf of Mexico and on its middle lies the Caloosahatchee River. Named after Colonel Abraham Myers and founded on March 24, 1884, […]

Wood Fired Pellet Grills – Taste, Convenience & More

Taste. It’s why you grill, right? And nothing imparts pure flavor to the foods you grill like hardwood. But building a hardwood fire in your backyard is a bit, well, impractical. Let us introduce you to Green Mountain Grills Wood Fired Pellet Grills. Yes, they’re different. And it’s the differences that make them amazing. How […]

Answers about the MP Momentum Swim Spa

Good morning, everyone. Today’s  lesson is: The Michael Phelps Momentum Swim Spa. If you’ve been in the market for a swim spa, you know there are a lot of options out there. But if you’re looking for a swim spa that offers a truly smooth swimming current and a real hydrotherapy experience, nothing compares to […]

Big Green Egg Party Food Ideas

Prepping for a get-together? Sure, you could make the same old appetizers the same old way. But where’s the fun in that? Fire up your Big Green Egg and impress your guests with some out-of-this world hors d’oeuvres, sweets and unique drinks. Recipe calling for a Big Green Egg accessory or seasoning you don’t have? […]

Hot tub guests just won’t go?

We received a letter recently: Dear South East Spas, Recently, we had several friends over for an evening of food, and hot tub time. It was a blast! We really enjoyed spending time with our friends. But, as my husband and I were ready to wind things down, our friends seemed to be settling in […]

Your hot tub can help you adjust after a time change

No matter which way you cut it, time changes are … rough. Granted, “falling back” is a little easier than “springing forward,” but it can still take time (sometimes even weeks) for your body to adjust. And, let’s be honest, the older we get, the harder that “adjusting” seems to get. Whether you’re grabbing an […]

Hot tub shopping? Start with these tips.

So you want to buy a hot tub? That’s a fantastic decision. After all – there are so many benefits to hot tub ownership, from health and relaxation to entertaining. While you’re shopping, keep these things in mind so you can be sure to choose the perfect hot tub for your lifestyle, and your backyard. Size […]

Put your Big Green Egg to work this holiday season

There’s one thing that every holiday celebration has, without fail. Food. Now, at your holiday celebrations you could easily go traditional, with an oven roasted ham or turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing – you know the drill. Or, you could try something different this year. Try some of these recipes – unique twists on traditional favorites […]

It’s a Big Green Egg Thanksgiving!

Planning your Thanksgiving menu? Try something different this year, and make some – or all – of your dishes on your Big Green Egg and make the holiday a Big Green Egg Thanksgiving! The Big Green Egg Thanksgiving Turkey First things first… Thanksgiving wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without a turkey. A handful of pecan chips will […]

Hot tub buyer beware: avoid traveling shows

Two roads diverged in the woods. Signs were posted:   “Enter at your own risk,” and “Hot tub show, this way.” Goodness. What should you do? “Risk.” Well, that’s concerning. But you’re looking for a great deal on a hot tub, and you’ve heard all the advertisements about great deals at the show. Surely it […]